Are Insurance Companies Exempt From Anti-Trust Laws? Antitrust law

There are some exceptionally fascinating antitrust laws on our books that shield certain ventures from managing such coldhearted and cumbersome guidelines. Some accept that medicinal services insurance agencies are absolutely excluded from antitrust principles and guidelines. Though, there was some enactment some 70-years prior, it scarcely ensures insurance agencies today, from antitrust guidelines.

In the interim, apparently insurance agencies need the antitrust laws authorized on the United States government, which feels it can come in and assume control over private undertaking this way. It is fascinating that the United States government feels itself isn’t dependent upon antitrust laws as it nationalizes the entirety of the biggest cash delivering businesses in the US.

For those that don’t believe that communism is on the walk, or that this Congress and organization are not communist inclining in their enactment and center, I’d prefer to state to them; you should be wearing blinders. Further, on this subject of insurance agencies and exceptions from antitrust laws I’d prefer to state;

For the individuals who feel that insurance agencies are absolved from our antitrust laws, clearly they don’t review Elliot Spitzer’s investigation of the business, removing Hank Greenberg, which by the path prompted the new CEO permitting their London Office to fall into difficulty guaranteeing credit default swaps and home loan groups.

Truth be told, the world worldwide financial accident might not have happened had the whore recruiting Elliot Spitzer had not utilized his power to check out AIG. Consider it, and why not do some exploration; why not go read DiLorenzo’s book on “How Capitalism Saved America” or the Business Side of “Government by Smoot.” Why not read some of Milton Friedman, and Ludwig van Misses as well.

The fact of the matter is our antitrust laws in the United States have consistently been utilized in a manner that is against free enterprise, as opposed to for what is correct. Different countries are presently going with the same pattern, and utilizing antitrust guidelines to help their state possessed organizations contend with free undertaking organizations. This is an awful dangerous incline that we have made, and we will be extremely sorry later on. I am not satisfied.

Spear Winslow is a resigned Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Spear Winslow accepts we need a rude awakening before nationalizing any longer ventures.